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  • 1983 POLICE IS BORN! here the 80's represented a turning point in the glasses world

    From eye protection, to fashion accessory.
    Glasses and sunglasses became THE fashion
    item to revamp your image, enhance your
    features and seduce!

    1984 mask your personality

    Stars and Starlets alike wore
    sexy dark glasses to escape from
    the prying paparazzi!

    1985 express yourself

    People chose glasses to express
    themselves with new styles,
    and to interpret their own personalities.

    1986 police launches its first glasses collection

    Influenced by cinema and the
    Hollywood stars of the 80's.

    1988-1989 double profile sunglasses, a new, younique design by police.

    With a square and classical shape,
    the double profile above the lenses
    embellishes the frontal part of the frame.

    1990 the continuation of the double profile into everyday spectacles

    Gave everyone the opportunity to benefit
    from this Younique, classic style.

    1991 police bring out their rock and roll style sunglasses

    Classically framed and completely iconic,
    They soon became a real hit among the fashionistas.
    Everyone who was anyone was sporting a pair.

    1992 urban fashion

    Police sets the trend for fashionistas
    everywhere with their unique and stylish

  • 1993 iconic blues lenses

    In the world of sunglasses the colour blue equals
    Police... the iconic blue mirrored lenses! A real must have
    in the late 80's and early 90's They were a great success
    and still popular today!

    1994 police withe wings!

    The winged Police logo became the most distinctive
    symbol of the brand to date. Attention to detail was
    given on the bridge and the temples.

    1995 first fragrance

    Police launches its first fragrance, Police
    Original. This was only the beginning...

    1996 famous faces

    The idea to use famous names in sports and cinema
    to lend their faces to convey the true Police style.
    International celebrities are used to promote the now
    world famous brand.

    1997 changing times and tastes, faces and fashions

    The excessive detail around the temples
    of the early 90's gives way to minimalism
    and rounder frames.

    1999 2000 bruce willis the new face

    Big name American action hero, Bruce Willis becomes the new
    face of Police. Now with a strong brand identity, Police
    branches out and develops its lifestyle brand.

    2001 the new millenium

    Bathed in colour; pink, blue and green combined
    with lightweight frames and coloured plastics.
    The IT accessory for those who wear glasses!

    2002 from willis to clooney

    The collaboration with the American film industry
    continues and Bruce Willis is superseded by the tantalising
    George Clooney who with his sparkling sex appeal, brought
    an enchantment of his own to the Police brand.

  • 2003Police launches its first
    watch collection
    Police Time

    Younique and innovative designs for those
    who are true masters of their own time.

    20042005Watch this space...
    watch this face

    In this year Police launches its first watch collection and Police
    premiers in the world of football by signing up David Beckham
    as the New Face for its sunglass campaign, less aggressive
    more metropolitan.

    2006Fashion Scene

    Police explodes onto the fashion scene with their new look
    bigger and better rims to frame the face, making them
    the forerunner for this new style.

    2007New Faces

    Antonio Banderas is assumed and the year marks a turning
    point for the watch collection. Large faces expressing
    a metropolitan and cosmopolitan feel!

    2008Police launches
    and Wings Pour Homme

    Two fragrances for men, one urban and trendy and the
    other, classic and masculine. It also launched a his
    and hers fragrance, Pure Man and Pure Woman


    Police leaves the famous faces behind to rebrand as “Be
    Younique”, it takes hold and creates its own personality,
    inviting its customers to express themselves.

    2011Research innovation

    Police’s constant eye for detail leads to the launch
    of a new fragrance with a creative concept that makes
    the brand unique in the perfume world.

    2012Leather luggage and Accessories

    In this year Police launches its first
    leather goods collection.

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